It’s become an annual occurrence. The gunners simply implode at the turn of every year. The routine is always similar: get knocked out of the champions league, the FA cup, lose consecutively in the league and stutter to the finish line. But with fans crying for Wenger’s exit, should they really be asking of new players/management or an injection of new methods?.

The Gunners have become an unbelievably fragile team, letting their heads drop after conceding and showing a lack of fight while in losing positions. In previous years, the fans would have been right to ask for expensive signings, world-class players and greater investments but it’s all been done. Mesut Oezil, Alexis Sanchez, Shkodran Mustafi and Granit Xhaka have all been signed in recent seasons and despite securing back-to-back FA Cups in 2014 and 2015, that’s the best there’s been from the team. But the real talking points have been the inability to secure a league title since 2004 and a seventh consecutive 2nd-round exit in the champions league. The former looks like Mission:Impossible, and it’s bewildering to know there’s only been one 2nd-placed finish since the invincible’ campaign. The latter however, has seen the north-London outfit completely outclassed by the best teams in Europe, and failing to meet up to the standards required to effectively compete on the continental stage.

It may be a long shot and it most certainly is not a result that can be achieved overnight but the mentality of the club has to change. Fans need to believe more in the team and get behind them even in difficult situations. The players need to raise their game and believe in the management, the fans and most of all in their abilities as footballers, that is what makes a united group. The management need to get the players back on their feet. From training methods to tactics to psyche and man-management, things need to change. In summation, Arsenal need substance above style, methods more than members and processes not just personnel.


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